About Chicken or Egg Coin


Chicken or Egg (CRE) coin is a funny meme token built on ‘Binance Smart Chain’. It is a hyper deflationary token. 99% of the supply will be burned over time. Only 1% of the total supply will be in circulation.

Once CRE coin reaches enough holders, the utility apps will be deployed. By the end, the 1% circulation will also be reduced through various burning mechanisms.

  1. Manual burning.
  2. Burning through utility apps after deployment.
  3. Credit card transaction burn after deployment.
  4. Buy back and burn.

You can buy ‘CRE’ here

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Help us with liquidity:

Anybody can add liquidity to CRE. Adding liquidity will increase the price of the token and you will be get paid for each transaction. At any given time you can draw your money by withdrawing your liquidity.

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