About Developer


Sumanth Karipe


Hi, Everyone,

My name is Sumanth Karipe, and I am the developer of ‘Chicken or Egg Coin’ (CRE). I developed this crypto on ‘Binance Smart Chain’. I also work as a software developer.

The sole reason to develop a crypto is to make a coin that works in the best interest of investors, and not in the interest of developers. I know for a reason the developers pump & dump it before everybody else. And the developer show lag in burning the coin.

The bigger the ‘CRE’ gets the more actively the burning will takes place. 99% of the token will be burned and the remaining token will be bought back and burned as well.

CRE focuses more on its community and actively involves in the burning. It’s a crypto with values.

I am not a financial advisor and this is not a financial advise. Invest at your own risk, and never invest the money you can’t afford to loose. Thank you.

email: developer@chickenregg.com